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“By controlling the elements, plants do better and produce higher yield with less loss.”

Who we are, where we have been, where we are going.

It might surprise you.

The company originated in 1980 as B&W Greenhouse Construction Ltd. and quickly became Western Canada’s largest polycarbonate/polyethylene greenhouse manufacturer. In 2010, the company was acquired by Timothy Kendrick with a mission to take the company global. BW GLOBAL was then founded with BW Greenhouse and GUARDIAN Shelters as operations under the global company.

BW GLOBAL is the leading provider of solutions for the global issues of food and water. The company focuses on food systems within a controlled environment, but, more importantly, in geographies where food access and food securities are issues. BW GLOBAL sees every person on the planet as their client or potential client as they deal with and present solutions to the universal issues around food safety and access. They are constantly addressing systems, standard operating procedures, and auditing procedures, as well as the physical infrastructure to grow.

Operating in AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS, 3D printing, plasma cells, and welding cells, BW GLOBAL has partnered with world-class companies including Ambient Water, Palram, Poly-Ag, and KUKA Robotics, among others. These core global partners, operating in the international sphere, have helped BW GLOBAL become truly world-class.


Design (Dieter Ram)
Food Systems (4 Pillars, 9 Billion, Aquaponics)

Our BW GLOBAL structures can retain relative humidity using our sealed technologies and can strip out any moisture in very finite increments to pinpoint the exact humidity needed for each individual crop, while saving money at the same time. The savings are immense.

Put energy-savings and water-savings to use in your environment today