“By controlling the elements, plants do better and produce higher yield with less loss.”



BW GLOBAL is one of Canada’s most innovative companies and the leading provider of solutions for the global issues of food and water. Focused on evolving the production of food and plants in controlled environments, they are endeavouring to solve these issues because they are issues that affect the entire world’s population.

Adopting and evolving proven technologies, BW GLOBAL, through its BW Greenhouse® division, offers clients polyethylene and polycarbonate greenhouses and growth rooms that use innovative structures as well as technologically advanced materials and systems to increase production of vegetables, flowers, and other nursery plant stock. Through its GUARDIAN Shelters® line of products, they also offer the strongest wide span, steel-framed, membrane or fabric structures on the market for the agricultural, commercial, and industrial sectors.

On its mission to be a leading provider of solutions for the global issues of food and water, BW GLOBAL works together to enhance controlled environment agriculture through new technology, refined designs, and improved thinking.

BW GLOBAL is currently working on projects all over the world.

Put energy-savings and water-savings to use in your environment today