Using the revolutionary product, SolarSoft, achieve more effective light penetration into plants and between rows with the highest diffusion to light transmission ratio on the market!


Our 4 Leading-Edge Technology Gains

1. Every Leaf on Every Plant, Illuminated

Light transmission is the ability of a structure’s covering to let light through. Currently, our BW GLOBAL structures let 80% of the light through and it goes to a 95% dispersion rate. This light diffusion results in significant yield increases, more light into the plants, and no internal shading or hard shadows.

Using tomatoes as an example, there is no longer a need to pluck leaves to get light to the bottom of the plant where photosynthesis takes place. This is true at any life stage of the plant and doesn’t take away biocapacity (light penetration).

We are discovering 95% bursts from all areas no matter where the radiation hits. We’ve seen that light levels are a function of the surface area of the covering, which is why it’s so high. Plants work best when all of their biocapacity is evenly irradiated.

Shading & diffusion comparison. The left image is the plant in direct sunlight with hard shadowing on the plant. The image to the right is the same plant placed inside of a BW GLOBAL structure with evenly diffused lighting.

2. Crops that Don’t Burn

Regardless of where a crop is in its growth cycle, from seedling to young plant to fully grown, leaf scorching is never anything to worry about because of BW GLOBAL’s light diffusion. Scorched plants get easily stressed and don’t progress far enough in their growth cycles, resulting in later crops and lower yields.

Our light diffusion eliminates the need for any external shading compound on the covering. Light is conditioned to an appreciable form for the plant with no burning or scorching of the leaves. Point loading on new growth is eliminated.

What other companies do:
To get around the issue of crop burning, other companies typically use two different methods.
– Externally, they use shading compounds, these get dirty and produce less light transmission
– Internally, they use shading systems, these are pulled over crops, producing 50% to 80% shade

Time and money is needed to buy, apply, and remove these methods, which results in non-productive operating costs and loss of money in labour.

With our BW GLOBAL technology, this is never something to worry about.

An example of what not to do; External shading compounds and internal shading systems cause a lower light transmission and prevent even growing.

3. Better Internal Light Penetration

As crops grow in rows, they shade themselves. Because the surface area of light diffusion has a 95% spray (regardless of where the sun hits), more light is penetrated into each leaf and plant. This is a big deal.

Commonly, shadows form in greenhouse, either by additional shading systems, between rows, or within plants themselves. We’ve eliminated this issue with our light diffusion technology without introducing ongoing maintenance costs.

With better light diffusion we have eliminated the unnecessary cost of shading compounds or materials and increase the surrounding light levels around the plants.

4. Bee-Friendly

Our BW GLOBAL structures achieve 100% UV Protection using SolarSoft, which was initially thought to be a problem for bees. This is not the case.

A bumble bee study was recently done in one of our greenhouses and we found good pollination and no detriments with the greenhouse as is, reinforcing that our structures are completely bee-friendly. There were no loss of bees or their productivity.

Bees love BW GLOBAL!

Higher yields and less loss of crops are within reach using our light diffusion technology and products.