We Play Well

“By controlling the elements, plants do better and produce higher yield with less loss.”


At BW GLOBAL, we know the importance of working together to make a difference. Our partners not only make our food and water access projects accessible to those who need it, they make us a better company. Take a look at some of our partners and how their visions and technology push BW GLOBAL into the future:

Ambient Water

About company: Unique atmospheric water collection technology
Global strategic partner and exclusive distributor/integrator for solutions in the controlled environment agriculture sector internationally.
How they’ve helped BW GLOBAL:
Ambient Water technology is key for the design of greenhouse and other production facilities, including 100% sealed greenhouse designs
Allows for greenhouses to be used in extreme environments, especially where water availability and security is an issue


About company: One of the world’s largest polycarbonate manufacturers in the world.
Technologically advanced light diffusion capabilities. Have proven to increase yield and create environments that alter the physical characteristics of plants.
How they’ve helped BW GLOBAL:
Strategic partner in developing advanced controlled environment agriculture in extreme environments
Developed polycarbonate that has unparalleled UV and impact resistance
Customizes formulations exclusively for BW GLOBAL


About company: Second largest robot manufacturer in the world
How they’ve helped BW GLOBAL:
Reduced manufacturing time on some components from seven hours to seven minutes
Strategic partners in the global build-out of BW GLOBAL’s capabilities.


Argus Controls


About company: A leading distribution company in the field of polyethylene sheets for the agriculture sector.
How they’ve helped BW GLOBAL:
Approached BW GLOBAL to distribute polyethylene products in Western Canada; now a global partner for distribution in other jurisdictions
Strategic partner for BW GLOBAL’s international growth

Bullfrog Power

Put energy-savings and water-savings to use in your environment today