Using the latest 7-axis technologies, comes the creation of the greatest structures. Through robotic fabrication, manufacturing and building times have reduced significantly, increasing quality and producing stronger final products that can be shipped faster.


3 Advantages That Are Beating Expectations

1. Precision with Speed

At BW GLOBAL, our robots have an immense ability to manipulate themselves. They have seven axes, resulting in accurate manufacturing and reduced fabrication times. They continuously hold 3/1000ths of an inch, demonstrating strict repeatability.

Our robots are the largest 7-axis plasma cutting cells in North America. We use only CSA W47.1 certified robots and operators.

With our in-house robotics we are able to produce our structures faster which means you get them on the ground faster!

2. Easily-Assembled Structures

Our robots help with building, making assembly easier and a much more accurate final product. In fact, our structures can be assembled with only a wrench and an impact driver, reducing construction and errors. They can be shipped globally, faster.

Robotically precise welding makes for stronger structures.

3. A Proven-Strength Formula

The use of robotics in the manufacturing of our BW GLOBAL structures has come with huge advantages. This includes a higher-quality, stronger final product that will hold up against any weather condition or natural force.

Through robotic construction, we are bigger, badder, and better.

The need for time and money savings has lead to technological advances that specifically address the global issues of food and water.