BW Global is proud to announce our pursuit of ISO 9001:2015 certification.

The International Organization for Standardization created the ISO 9001 standards to create guidelines for quality management, which are intended not only to create business efficiency but to ensure customer satisfaction by way of guaranteeing all products are held to a high level of excellence. Now one of the most well-recognized standards in the world, ISO 9001 sets standards to build, maintain, and improve quality management through a process-oriented approach that works to increase productivity, reduce unnecessary costs, and ensure efficient businesses deliver high quality products to every one of their customers.

ISO 9001 standards have a proven track-record of helping businesses to grow and flourish by providing process-driven structure with the flexibility of understanding each company’s unique needs. It strives to influence businesses to always improve, which is why continual enhancement is a requirement of the standard, in an effort to inspire progress and the pursuit of perfection. ISO 9001 standards give companies from multinational corporations to small start-ups the ability to create management systems that meet their needs – ISO 9001 does not dictate how a company meets its standards, which provides freedom for companies to build processes which are appropriate to their unique business needs.

BW Global is dedicated to providing high quality products to all of their clients, from shelters to multi-level greenhouses, and everything in between. By working to ensure the highest level of efficiency and quality in everything we do, we are able to better predict and address our market’s needs, while managing our resources and activities together to increase the productivity of all of our processes in every level of our business.

While ISO 9001 certification will benefit our clients, as they will be able to trust every BW product is held to the highest possible standard of quality, it will also benefit the overall business productivity at BW Global. This way, our business will be able to continue to grow and expand across the world, and carry forward with our work to provide the possibility to grow food in extreme climate environments.

We are happy to be able to provide reliable, high-quality products that our clients have come to expect from us, and look forward to continuing to learn, grow and influence food systems even more effectively under the ISO 9001 standards.