At the 2015 GreenTech Exchange in Vancouver, BC, BW GLOBAL CEO, Timothy Kendrick, announced movement towards 100% off-grid greenhouses. He talked sustainability in terms of global, local, and honest crop production and showed industry leaders where BW GLOBAL hopes to take them. This exciting announcement will be the first of many and, fingers crossed, will help expedite and propel a global call-to-action.


Food production and sustainability options continue to stump the world as the population grows, demands increase, resources diminish and questions go unanswered. Many agricultural producers are reluctant to acknowledge the need for industry change and they continue to apply obsolete practices in the new world. Glass greenhouses, for example, cannot withstand the unpredictable weather changes of recent years. This, time and time again, has lead to plummeting crop survival rates around the world. The seismic activity in Japan, the snow in Israel, the storms in Mexico – everything is changing and it is limiting the parameters of potential growth. BW GLOBAL CEO Timothy Kendrick recognized the industry’s shrinking threshold and knew that a solution was not merely wanted, but needed. Now, BW GLOBAL is proud to announce that the first steps towards a fully autonomous and self-sustaining greenhouse are underway. The experts at BW GLOBAL have recreated the natural water cycle within a completely sealed greenhouse model. They have removed the detrimental variables of humidity, temperature, resource consumption, and extreme solar dependency. The power to lower humidity to 40% at the drop of a hat, the freedom to have consistent 95% light burst in all directions – it’s all becoming possible and accessible. Prototype models have been successfully created and tested and industry-size replicas are making headway.

The application of 100% off-grid green house may be more than meets the eye. According to Kendrick, many societies are suffering from an unbalance in, what he believes to be, the four main pillars of success: economic prosperity, environmental consciousness, academic advancement, and social justice. This is often a result of industry monopolies and environmental restrictions. Kendrick states that we must approach our understanding of food and food production from a macro perspective,“We need to look at how they affect us on a local level. But I think it’s really important that we really approach these issues with a global mindset, as well.”

Local growing, a luxury that North Americans have often come to expect, has long been impossible for many. But the survival of the planet is contingent on the ability to better adapt to the world and better provide for the people. When considering food production solutions for growing markets such as Fiji and Saudi Arabia, Kendrick wants to reimagine the potentials and question the traditions. In his speech, he describes how many Saudi Arabians are paying nearly $15 for a single cucumber without ever knowing where it came from, how it came about, or by whom it was harvested. Accordingly, pesticides and chemicals threaten families on a daily basis—a direct result of limiting environments restricting growth capabilities! BW GLOBAL believes that the 100% autonomous greenhouses will one day be the international solution to age old production problems. Kendrick hopes to meet the demands of the many and allow for clean, honest and massive production for those around the world. Thinking local and making it global is the goal, the need and the plan.  

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