BW GLOBAL delivers unequaled benefits. Celebrated for its strength to resist the forces of Mother Nature, our break-proof polycarbonate and frames create an unparalleled structure in durability and resistance to extreme weather.



The 4 Breakthroughs You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

1. Three Forces, Two Conditions

Our BW GLOBAL structures are unparalleled. They are made to withstand the three forces of snow, wind, and seismic movement, and the two conditions of extreme cold and extreme hot, made for use in environments ranging from -40℉–120℉.

We have moment connections to our foundation. As a result, we have unparalleled seismic resistance for places like Japan or California. Our structures have also been modified to resist hurricane force winds that exist in places like the Caribbean.

We’re now seeing more extremes in weather, globally, and we are prepared.

BW GLOAL joints are all double bolted to provide superior strength.

2. Thermally Broken

At BW GLOBAL, we have completely decoupled ourselves from the physical environment, isolating the interior environment from external conditions. This means less pathogen pressures and less bug pressure. The accumulated energy savings are significant.

Double cross-ties provides more strength and increased width allows for more vertical growing along walls.

3. Break-Proof

Our polycarbonate technology does not break, which is why it’s able to withstand so many forces and conditions. If a rip or tear does occur, due to human error or a mechanical issue, our design allows for easy replacement: simply unscrew the screws on the individual panel, take out the piece of polycarbonate, and place the new one.

The service life of polycarbonate is 15-20 years with a 10-year hail guarantee. A panel has never been lost to UV degradation, which is why we chose this material for our BW GLOBAL structures.

Did you Know?
If you break a pane of glass, when you go to replace it, you have to shift all the pieces of glass over, take the last one out, stick the new pane in, and then shift it all back into place. We’ll take polycarbonate anyday.

Our polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable which creates safer structures for crops and for workers.

4. Tried, Tested, and Ultra-Safe

Our BW GLOBAL structures are the first ever with fall restraints engineered for our gutters. They are able to withstand dynamic loads of 5000 lbs.

People are killed and permanently injured working on greenhouses, particularly glass ones. The way our structures are designed, if a person is roped off, they’re extremely well-protected for any scenario. Our handling material is light and unbreakable with panels supported on all four sides to withstand winds in excess of 130 km/h (hurricane winds). We’re currently in development to withstand winds in excess of 200 km/h.

Did you Know?
Our gutters are the largest in the world at 12 inches deep. You can walk the gutters with a size 12 (EU 47) boot. Just another thing we thought of.

Our innovative thinking has led to unparalleled strength and safety, taking great strides towards increased economic and environmental awareness.